You work hard.

You should be paid timely and given clear job opportunities. With Aviation Personnel as your go-to recruiter, we make it easy for you to go to work.

We're not just building aircrafts—
we're building relationships.

You work hard at your job, so you should get paid what the market demands. At Aviation Personnel, we build a relationship with you, helping you find the right opportunities you want at the pay you deserve.

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Our recruiters have over a decade of experience in aviation staffing.

With in-depth knowledge of the job market and a strong contact base with many of the major aviation companies, we strive to be a valuable resource for both job seekers and employers.

We are dedicated to providing our employees with the potential to become personally and professionally successful in their careers, backed up by an attractive benefits package and the support of a friendly, knowledgeable and helpful corporate office team. We aim to be your contract agency for life.

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Contract employment and outsourcing are integral elements of today’s workplace.

Our clients benefit from our ability to identify and carefully screen qualified candidates, along with our growing database of skilled aviation personnel who are ready to work.

Aviation Personnel employees can help you expand your operations at a reduced operating cost, as well as provide temporary assistance during peak periods or for special projects related to all aspects of aircraft assembly, maintenance, and modification.

Our Team


Aviation Personnel Tom Laker

Tom Laker


Aviation Personnel Delania Houchin

Delania Houchin

VP, Operations

Aviation Personnel Nancy Rodriguez

Nancy Rodriguez

VP, Recruiting

Aviation Personnel Michael Holloway

Michael Holloway



Kevin Springer

Sr. Recruiting Consultant and Account Manager

Aviation Personnel Robyn Sene

Robyn Sene

Sr. Recruiting Consultant and Account Manager

Luis Moralez

Luis Morales

Sr. Recruiting Consultant and Account Manager

Aviation Personnel Corina Navarrette

Corina Navarrette

Sr. Recruiting Consultant

Aviation Personnel Carmen Esparza

Carmen Esparza

Recruiting Consultant

Jaclyn West

Jaclyn West

Compliance Assistant

Daima's Picture

Daima Castellanos

Recruiting Consultant

Ilsa Hernandez

Ilsa Hernandez

Recruiting Consultant

Liz Maurelli-Cantrell

Liz Maurelli-Cantrell

Recruiting Consultant

Chris Hix

Chris Hix

Recruiting Consultant